Cantilever Scaffolding

Whiting Scaffolding offer fully professional and reliable Cantilever Scaffolding for all Commercial And Domestic Projects. We work to the latest scaffolding guidelines TG:2013. Contact Us For An Unbeatable Quote Now.

What Is Cantilever Scaffolding And How Does It Work?

Cantilever scaffolding is a popular form of scaffolding giving a strong access solution for construction projects. It consists of cantilevers, or horizontal beams, supported on one end and cantilevered out from the structure being worked on. It’s a popular option for when more room is required as this type of scaffolding offers a wider working area for any works going on.

Cantilever scaffolding offers a seperate scaffold which when looked at from a side point of view, you will notice the structure pointing out away from the building. Here is where it’s purpose truly shows as Cantilever scaffolding proves beneficial for when there are multiple obstacles on the ground meaning limited space for erection. It’s in these scenerios where Cantilever Scaffolding becomes  a popular option.

Whiting Scaffolding


Temporary Roofs


New builds/ Extensions


Renovation/ Redecoration


Independent Scaffold


Chimney Stack


Access Towers


Loft Conversions


Timber Frame Development


Solar Panel Installation + more

The Best Way To Use Cantilever Scaffolding

A cantilever scaffolding serves as a safe construction platform that is both simple and effective to assemble. It is useful in complex building structures where accessing difficult-to-reach areas is necessary. Therefore, it’s important for any scaffolding company to ensure the safety of their cantilever scaffolding system when providing services.

At Whiting Scaffolding, it’s important for us to follow all industry regulations and standards while also observing best practice principles such as ensuring secure foundations are laid before continuing with assembly. The cantilever scaffolding should be checked regularly during use and dismantled correctly following completion of work.

Recent Projects


Re-decoration work

Gravesend, Kent


Paint work

Wimbledon theatre


Roof work

Maidstone, Kent

Do You Need Cantilever Scaffolding?

If you believe you are in need of Cantilever Scaffolding, get in touch for an unbeatable quote today. We will be able to provide the best advice on the most appropriate solution for your project. We may assess that another type of scaffolding would be more suited for your needs. Cantilever scaffolding will always be an important form of scaffolding and is certainly used across many construction sites today.


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