Putlog Scaffolding

Whiting Scaffolding offer a fully professional and reliable Putlog Scaffolding for all Commercial And Domestic Projects. We work to the latest scaffolding guidelines TG:2013. Contact Us For An Unbeatable Quote Now.

What Is Putlog Scaffolding?

Putlog scaffolding is a type of temporary structure we use on multiple types of construction projects. Also known as Bricklayers scaffolding, it consists of putlogs which are vertical posts that rest on horizontal bearers. Here at Whiting Scaffolding, we use Putlog Scaffolding to provide safe access to heights, allowing workers to carry out their jobs without risking their safety.

Putlog scaffolding is suitable for a variety of jobs from roof work, to even window replacement and more. Some scaffolding companies may even be asked to use Putlog Scaffolding for temporary structures such as towers and bridges. It’s important to know that when hiring a scaffolding company for this type of work, they must have tonnes of prior experience to ensure full safety of both workers and the public.

Putlog Scaffolding Company


Temporary Roofs


New builds/ Extensions


Renovation/ Redecoration


Independent Scaffold


Chimney Stack


Access Towers


Loft Conversions


Timber Frame Development


Solar Panel Installation + more

Benefits Of Putlog Scaffolding

Putlog scaffolding is beneficial in a number of ways. Just like with any other form of scaffolding, It is sturdy and secure, preventing the risk of falls or other injuries when working at height. Additionally, putlog scaffolding is easy to assemble and dismantle, making it an ideal choice for short-term projects where speed and efficiency are essential. This makes putlog scaffolding often the most cost-effective and practical solution for companies looking for quick access solutions during construction or repair projects.

What Is The Difference Between Putlog Scaffolding And Independent Scaffolding?

The difference between putlog scaffolding and independent is that independent scaffolds do not use the walls of the building for support. Independent scaffolding also only relies on two lines of standards to support the working platform, not the building wall. This means that as independent scaffolding is separate from the building, it mightonly be used for additional security

Do You Need Putlog Scaffolding?

If you’re in need of Putlog Scaffolding we will be able to provide the best advice on the most appropriate solution for your project. Putlog scaffolding remains an essential part of any access solution, providing safe and secure access to heights for workers on any construction or repair projects. With the right putlog scaffolding company, you can be assured of a quality service that meets your needs in a cost-effective and speedy manner. 

Recent Projects


Re-decoration work

Gravesend, Kent


Paint work

Wimbledon theatre


Roof work

Maidstone, Kent


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